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AmeriBest Tours is a company dedicated to the preparation and promotion of educational tour programs. It compliments the job dedicated American teachers do in the classroom. Foreign Language students need the exposure to the culture and the way of living of people that speak the language they are studying. Music students playing for the High School bands and choirs need to experience a performance abroad to feel the way their music serves as a vehicle that trespasses language barriers and cultural differences. An art teacher may want to take his students on a special trip to study the "Prado Museum" or "The Louvre". Fifth grade teachers may want to culminate their school year offering their students a trip to Washington D.C. that will enlighten and reaffirm their patriotism and make them proud of their American heritage.

AmeriBest Tours by providing this kind of service to the Teachers, is loyal to its mission, keeps students motivated in the learning activities and faces them with higher but yet reachable standards. Because no matter how remote or how specialized an educational tour may be; AmeriBest Tours will customize a suitable itinerary for you and will guarantee the satisfaction of students as well as adult participants. Because there is no substitute for experience and at AmeriBest Tours you will find more than 25 years of experience in the preparation and execution of true educational programs.

AmeriBest offers fully escorted student tours that are specially prepared for teachers sponsoring student groups. Places of interest include: MEXICO – PUERTO RICO – SANTO DOMINGO – COSTA RICA – PERΪ – ECUADOR – BOLIVIA – CHILE – ARGENTINA – SPAIN – PORTUGAL – FRANCE – ITALY – GREECE. Ask about our tour packages, or use the following links to find out more about the locales you want to visit.

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